Outdoor Indian Wedding Videography Sergeants Mess

Priti and Samar had a beautiful outdoor Hindu Indian Wedding at Sergeants Mess in the sweltering January heat of last year.

I’d met them previously at Geetu and Nalin’s wedding, so there was a pleasant sense of familiarity when they approached me to film their wedding. With the bushfire season raging through late 2019 and early 2020, it was a miracle that we were greeted with crystal blue, smoke free skies on the day.

Priti’s choice of a white floral lehenga along with her infectious smile was a perfect start to our day, whilst Samar’s dapper, relatively sombre personality was a perfect match to Priti’s enthusiasm. Their wedding was a relatively intimate affair (~120 guests) for an Indian wedding.

After the electric dance performances that I’d seen at Geetu and Nalin’s wedding, it was only fair to expect an encore at Priti and Samar’s sangeet, and boy did they put up a show or what!


Wedding and Reception Venue: Sergeants Mess

Sangeet Venue: Maddison Function Centre, Dural

Hair and makeup: Gather and Stitch

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