“The work an artist produces is an extension of their personality”

Rohan Traman (1984, p.42, What is an artist’s style?)

Q: “What’s your style?”

A: The Covid19 Tik Tok video above gives you a glimpse.

We usually get asked this question at the midway mark of a wine and cheese meet at our place.  

“Cheerful, approachable, cognisant, mad”

The People (2020, p.1, What is this guy… this Rohan.. like?)

That would be our answer in 4 simple words. Not necessarily in that order.

We don’t think our work falls under a particular label, because we feel labels sound restrictive. We share equal love in producing vibrant and colourful images as much we do in making dark, moody ones. Check out the 2 contrasting images below captured in the same environment. centennial park engagement photos   In the same vein, the videos we produce range right from the outrageous party in the country side to the slick city side wedding. No two weddings are the same, so your video should have a unique story too.

“Just to let you know, we are not really great in front of the camera”

“We don’t do well in photos.”

“We prefer our photographer to have a candid approach to our day”.

These are statements we hear at least 80% of the time and that’s totally understandable! I (Rohan) am an awkward mash of nervousness in front of a camera myself – it’s no easy feat. Hence with our fine wine fuelled approach (mostly for you, a little for us), all you’ll hear from us from time to time is “Hey guys, I think the light’s awesome at this spot, let’s get a few shots here”. Works? Don’t like wine? Or whisky? Not even the gin or some good ol’ fashioned bourbon? No worries! – Rohan’s ever growing repertoire of failed comedy attempts should lighten up the atmosphere at a shoot.

Blue Mountains Wedding Photographer
See how happy these two are after a few bevvies..



Alright ya clowns, I'm keen to have you perform your tricks at our wedding shindig

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