Sydney Wedding Videography

Creating your legacy

That’s what wedding cinema to means to us. It’s something that will get passed down generations and always be viewed with fondness. It’s your legacy. In motion.

Traditionally, most couples pick their photographer first and then, as an afterthought pick a videographer. We honestly feel this is purely because the photogs got in first. Their profession was created first.

However, we feel this trend is changing rapidly given how powerful video as a medium is today. Done right, a wedding film will capture moments of your day that a photographer just can’t capture. That tear rolling down the eye when your parents see you dressed up, that warm fuzzy feeling when you watch your partner walk down the aisle, the moves that you’ll be busting post a few tequila shots, and the laughter from your guests when your bridal party roast you in their speeches.. all of this can only really be documented on video effectively.

We will tell the story of your wedding day in 2 formats, via a trailer/highlights film that generally lasts anywhere between 4-6 mins and a longer film that showcases all your wedding events and lasts anywhere between 60-80 mins.

Have a view of some of the trailers we’ve created below.

Please look past the cheesy titles, they’re purely to attract YouTube and Google’s attention for likes and views





Sydney Wedding Videography

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