Indian Wedding Videographer Auckland


Deepa and I feel that this is our best film to date. Read this lengthy post or watch to find out why our destination wedding in Auckland ranks amongst our finest work.

There are weddings, and then there are people. Then there are weddings and people who are much much more than just that. In other words, the wedding is a timeless experience you savour for eternity and you form an intimate relationship with the people at the wedding that outlasts the period of the wedding.

Shivani and Steve’s wedding to Sandeep and I was an experience we’ll savour for a lifetime. From the get go , I had a gut feeling that this would be a wedding of a lifetime to cover as a videographer and I am so glad that I came out of it feeling vindicated. 
It’s pretty rare when the bride and groom have no prior requirements from their video except to “capture the essence of the party”. Deepa, Sandeep and I knew we had full creative licence to express ourselves. And express we did!

There were a 100 odd people at the wedding and I can proudly say that I knew atleast 70 of them on a first name basis. It was a result of the trust and camaraderie that was built between all of us. 
Then there’s the chemistry between the two of them. It was unadulterated, pure, and full of joy. Not just between themselves but their interpersonal relationships with their family and friends was heartwarming and full of humour and fun. Watch this party unravel slowly, then watch it again. I’ve watched it 50+ times myself, but I could be slightly biased.

Photographer: oottum 
HMUA: @henalipatel
wedding venue: allelyestate 
reception venue: everybodys_nz 
DJ: Spotify

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Indian Wedding Videographer Auckland