That is my mantra in making your wedding photographs. No matter the scale of the wedding, the location, no. of flowers, etc… I’d like you to experience warmth, fondness and a healthy dose of nostalgia when you look back through your wedding images.

A wedding is a celebration. A celebration of you and your partner, together with your loved ones. There is no right or wrong way to do it. Everything is acceptable as long as you’re having fun doing it. Everything has meaning as long as it has meaning to you.

It’s 2021 and most of us are living through our first pandemic. In 2019 we just got our first image of what a black hole looks like.

Point is, do your wedding –  YOUR way!

Want to have brides men and grooms maids? YES! Who says that a woman must only have other women as her best mates?

Want to keep decor minimal and put the focus on the party? YES! YES! Beautiful flowers, fancy fairy lights are cool, but nothing holds as much meaning as you and your partner’s story on the day

Want to see each other prior to the ceremony and share a glass of champagne? YES YES YES! Seeing your partner for the first time on your wedding day in private (of course with us spying) is super intimate!

Want to have your dinner first and then finish off the night with your exchange of vows and your first kiss? YAAASSSSSSS! … Actually just marry me as well.


Alright ya clowns, I'm keen to have you perform your tricks at our wedding shindig

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