poruwa wedding ceremony jaspers berry

We thought the storm had passed, that La Niña was finally on its way out the door. But oh, how wrong we were. It seemed to have made a surprise return, crashing Kushal and Visal’s Hindu Wedding with all its might at Linneaus Farm on the south coast.

As photographers, we thrive in the chaos, in the face of unexpected challenges. We see the torrential downpour not as a hindrance, but as an opportunity to capture something truly special. So, when the rain came pouring down on their special day, we didn’t flinch. Instead, we embraced it with open arms, ready to create magic in the midst of the storm.

With camera in hand, we danced in the rain, capturing the raw and genuine moments that unfolded before us. The laughter, the tears, the joy of two souls coming together in holy matrimony – all of it immortalised in timeless photographs.

Like a fine wine, our work only gets better with time. The more we embrace the chaos, the more unforgettable moments we capture. We are party-loving, red wine-sipping, nature-loving souls who thrive on building relationships with our couples. We are not just photographers, we are storytellers, capturing the intimate moments that make each love story unique.

So, here’s to love in all its forms – messy, hilarious, and always beautiful. Here’s to embracing the unexpected and creating something truly magical. And here’s to Kushal and Visal, who proved that even in the midst of a storm, love will always shine through. Cheers to love, laughter, and epic wedding photos.

For hosts looking to create a truly enchanting event at Jaspers Berry, we recommend taking full advantage of the magical forest setting that surrounds the venue. The iconic magic tree makes for a stunning backdrop and offers a unique photo opportunity for guests. Additionally, their out of the world food provide a luxurious and unforgettable experience for all attendees. These touches are sure to elevate the overall ambiance and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

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poruwa wedding ceremony jaspers berry