paradiso wedding reception photographer sydney

Tallest couple we’ve ever filmed and what a stunning couple at that! Height apart, they make an excellent match for each other with their little quirky sense of humour, the close ties they have with each other families and above all, their zest for life. It always fills me with joy when I have the privilege of working with a couple that are constantly smiling at each other during their wedding celebrations. I think it personifies how much a couple is in love with the other person and it reflects so well in their wedding photos and video.

Their wedding was a week long celebration in the last week of November encompassing 4 events. Their families are dance and laugh mad, and these guys equally love to have a laugh at every opportunity. What that means is that we’ve managed to create a little magical clip of their wedding festivities that I am sure will bring a smile on your face too.

My favourite part of the video was the dancing cuts we got from their location shoot flowing through to their entrance at their reception. Let me know what’s yours!

HMUA: Makeup by Marina Chiellini
DJ: DJ Vinny (Au)