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On a summer Sydney day, as I opened that email from Avishna, the rush of excitement I felt was palpable.

Her note to me was less of an enquiry, but more of a list of things Ron and her were fond of. It was like she had an insight into my soul, for she had picked out all my favourite things – wine, cheese, nature, lysergic and adventure. I was PUMPED!

Their wedding was a good 18 months away but Avish and I exchanged drunken banter on numerous occasions largely talking about nothing, Seinfeld like.

I finally got to see these two in 2022 and meeting #VishRon confirmed my initial feeling. Their love was so real, their energy infectious, and their ideas for the wedding were truly amazing. We shared laughs, smashed fireballs, and ran around the city past midnight chasing trams and whiskey sours. I had to change plans and stay over at theirs since I wasn’t alcohol free to drive my car back. I was later told by a few – “what kind of photographer sleeps at their couple’s house the first time they meet”. Now you know.

During their wedding, I wasn’t just taking photos. I was telling a story – their story and that of all their interpersonal relationships. I was fortunate enough to have met all their close ones in the lead up to the wedding. Every frame captured a different side of their love – raw, funny, and beautifully personal.

Each photo and motion clip reflected the special bond I had formed with #VishRon. They weren’t just clients, we had become friends then and today are in on another’s closest circle. This is the magic of approaching my “business” off the beaten track – it’s not just about creating memories at weddings that will stay with you forever; done right, and with a sprinkle of magic, it can lead to the forging of lifelong relationships.

So here’s to #VishRon – a couple who dared to dream big, love fiercely, and make incredible memories. Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey, thank you for trusting me to capture your love in all its raw, funny, and beautiful essence. Here’s to love, laughter, raves and the beauty of nature.


Venue: Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat

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HMUA: Nikki Arora

DJ, Band, Masala – VJ Bhasin

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indian wedding photography kangaroo valley