Picture this: Priya and Manpreeet’s wedding was like a beautiful symphony, with every moment captured in perfect harmony. From the vibrant colors of their outfits to the emotional exchanges of vows, every detail was a work of art. I mean how often is it that a boy sings to his girl at their pre-wedding shoot!

As we look back on their special day, we can’t help but marvel at the chemistry between them. Their love was like a flourishing garden, blooming with passion and tenderness. And we were lucky as their Indian wedding photographer in Melbourne to witness it all through our lens.

From Melbourne to Sydney to Cairns, we followed them on their journey, capturing every laugh, every tear, and every dance move along the way. Our cameras were like silent observers, capturing the raw emotions and genuine moments that made their wedding so special.

At SIAM, we pride ourselves on our ability to create adventurous and intimate wedding photography. We believe in building relationships with our couples, getting to know them on a personal level so that we can truly capture their love story in its purest form.

Priya and Mani’s wedding was a landmark event for us, showcasing our entire repertoire of skills in photography and filmmaking. SIAM is known for their upbeat, high energy, nuclear octane videos but Priya and Mani’s wedding celebrations was a tender little love story

So here’s to Priya and Manpreeet, to their love that is as strong as red wine and as deep as the ocean. Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day, and for allowing us to create lasting memories that will be cherished for years to come.



HMUA in Melbourne: Shakizee

HMUA in Sydney: Nikki Arora

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