Gus+Heather | Photo

Wedding Venue: St Ignatius College Riverview
Reception Venue: Ripples Chowder Bay

Saint Ignatius College Riverview Wedding Photos

I was booked for Heather and Gus’s wedding by Gus’s mum Gabby. She mentioned that they intended to have a small scale wedding in Sydney before heading over to Canada (Heather is from there) to have a grand wedding.

I hadn’t met Heather or Gus prior to the wedding so when I did eventually meet them on their wedding day, I was amazed to see how good looking they were; as individuals and as a couple! They definitely have to be the most glamourous wedding couple I’ve photographed as is evidenced in the photos below.

We did a first look shoot inside the library room at the beautiful, awe inspiring Saint Ignatius College. I absolutely love capturing ‘first looks’ as they truly reflect the strong emotions that the couple feel for one another and their amazement at how good the other looks on the wedding day.

The ceremony was a sombre, short event post which we headed to Chowder Bay to capture some quick photos before the sun retired for the night. The reception was pretty fun filled with Gus’s brother taking the mickey out of him during the speeches.

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