Decorations: VIP Decorating
Catering: Manjit
Hindu Priest: Rami

Sydney Sri Lankan Wedding Photographer Backyard Wedding :: Prathayini + Nihilesh

I received a call from Nihilesh one warm summer evening in March asking if I was available to photograph his wedding the following WEEK! He had a last minute cancellation from his photographer and as a result had called me. Thankfully, I was available to cover what was a beautiful, intimate backyard wedding.

Their wedding was a traditional Sri Lankan Tamil wedding the traditions of which I am quite familiar with by now having covered Munga and Sai’s wedding earlier in January.

I kicked the day off at Nihilesh’s residence where we awaited for the ‘Tholan’ to arrive. After capturing some details shots of his outfit and family photos we headed over to Prathayini’s. Her backyard was beautifully decorated by Irene from VIP decorations and the attention to detail blew me away! Manjit’s once again did a fabulous job with the catering preparing a traditional Sri Lankan feast with plenty of eggplant, coconut based curries.


Moving on from the food (!), the wedding ceremony was conducted by the hilarious hindu priest Rami and lasted a little over an hour. By nightfall, the venue was lit up producing splendid bokeh everywhere I saw! I had almost packed up and was on my way out when I noticed the lamps on the driveway and I went back in to persuade Nihilesh and Pratha to come out for a few quick night photos.

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