Marj+Sav | Photo

Pre-wedding HMUA: Makeup by Tahina
Wedding and Reception HMUA: Hair and makeup by Sana
Dances: Ministry of Bhangra
Wedding Venue: Glenwood Gurudwara
Reception Venue: Fairfield Grand Paradiso

Sydney Punjabi Sikh Wedding Photographer Glenwood Gurudwara Grand Paradiso

Marj was super excited to book us for her wedding when she contacted us whilst I was in Malawi last year. Upon my return, we met up and went through the details of her grand wedding celebrations that would span over 5 events.

These guys were initially nervous at their pre-wedding shoot but all nerves were put on ice once we got chatting about everything from physical and mental well being, to meditation to dancing! Their pre-wedding photos were shot during the famous ‘golden hour’ and the resultant light sat beautifully on Marj’s gold bordered saree.

Enjoy the photos from all the events and if you like their wedding photos, let them know by leaving a comment below!