Ani+Mike | Photo

Sydney Wedding Photography Q Station Manly | Ani+Mike

Venue: Q Station Manly
Hair and Makeup: Gather and Stitch

Ani and I have been friends since we first met when I used to work for Accenture and she for Diversity. She’s a sprightly, full of life character who is not afraid to speak her mind and always loves a good party!

She rang me in Jan 2014 to see if I was interested in covering her engagement party and though they were nervous in front of the camera then, they warmed up to it by the time of the wedding. It had been raining in the days prior to the wedding, but we had the weather gods smile upon us. In fact the weather gods must have an eye for photography for they blessed us with a beautiful cloudy sky resulting in natural, soft diffused light.

The ceremony was a sombre occasion with plenty of emotion and one could have been mislead into thinking the reception would be of a similar low key nature. That was definitely not the case as Ani, Mike and their friends showcased some awesome moves on the throughout the night and on the dance floor taking the celebrations well past mid-night!

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